Monday, January 31, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 2: Elementary Dear Data

Airdate: November 28, 1988
28 of 176 produced
28 of 176 aired


The Enterprise is waiting for a rendezvous with the USS Victory and thus has some unexpected free time. Data and Geordi use theirs for a trip to the holodeck to play out Sherlock Holmes mystery. Since Data knows them all by heart, however, it presents no challenge. After Geordi unsuccessfully tries to explain why solving a mystery in the first thirty seconds is no fun, Dr. Pulaski states that Data couldn't solve a true mystery. Challenging her, they all return to the holodeck to try to craft a mystery, and an opponent, that could defeat Data. Little did they know how successful their attempt would be...

I've grown accustomed to the tune that she whistles night and noon...

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 2: Where Silence Has Lease

Airdate: November 28, 1988
27 of 176 produced
27 of 176 aired


On a charting mission in the Morgana Quadrant, the Enterprise encounters a "hole" in space that appears to be completely contentless, non-dimensional, non-existent. As they investigate further, the ship is engulfed by this anomalous region of space. Things only get stranger from there, as weird things begin happening to the ship, as if the crew is being experimented on. Can the crew of the Enterprise escape the cluthces of the mysterious entity, Nagilum?

"Sweet. I'm actually getting a day where I can sit at the helm instead of that brat Wesley. Looks like I'm finally working my way up the ranks... Wuh... WAH... WAAAARGGLHHFBBSSPPAAAARRRGLLGHHGGG...[dead]." 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 2: The Child

The Next Generation, Season 2
"The Child"
Airdate: November 21, 1988
26 of 176 produced
26 of 176 aired


The new Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Katherine Pulaski, informs the captain of a shocking development: Counselor Troi is pregnant with a rapidly maturing alien child. Neither she nor Counselor Troi know how she became pregnant or how it can be growing so fast. Complicating matters, the Enterprise is transporting an array of deadly diseases to a research facility. Meanwhile, Acting Ensign Crusher has to decide if he should remain on the Enteprise with his crew and friends, or join his mother who has returned to Earth to head Starfleet Medical.
"No, Ian, you're not old enough yet to bang hot teacher. Wait until Thursday."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

TNG Season 1 Recap

It's that time again. As Matt and I have said over and over, TNG is our personal favorite series and the one that introduced us to the franchise, so it holds a special place in our hearts. How does it hold up under our rigorous intellectual standards? Let's find out.
To boldly pose where no one has posed before...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 1: The Neutral Zone

Airdate: May 16, 1988
25 of 176 produced
25 of 176 aired


The Enterprise is sent to investigate the disappearance of outposts along the Romulan Neutral Zone. En route, however, an oddity is discovered - a cryogenic ship from Earth's 20th century. Will these two events cause problems? Are they related at all? Should this have been two episodes?
Rats! If only my cryo-pod hadn't been compromised by this stupid window!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 1: Conspiracy

The Next Generation, Season 1
Airdate: May 9, 1988
24 of 176 produced 
24 of 176 produced 


Captain Picard receives a mysterious summons from his old friend, Captain Walker Keel. Meeting in an abandoned mining complex with Walter and two other Starfleet Captain, Walker tries to convince Picard that a threat to the Federation has infiltrated he highest echelons of Starfleet Command. His is skeptical, but based on his friendship and trust with Walker, is willing to explore the possibility. Shortly after the meeting, Walker Keel's ship is destoryed, seemingly confirming his suspicions. Captain Picard makes the decision to return the Enterprise to Earth to get to the bottom of this conspiracy. What will the Enterprise find? How far does this conspiracy really go?
"To seek out new life and new civilizations..."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 1: We'll Always Have Paris

Airdate: May 2, 1988
23 of 176 produced
23of 176 aired


On their way to a much-needed shore leave, the Enterprise intercepts a distress call from Dr. Paul Manheim, a mysterious scientist who has been researching time for over a decade. His experiments have begun distorting time over a vast space, and the Enterprise must intervene before the effects alter all of reality. More personal to Picard, however, is a reunion with a lost love, Manheim's wife Jenice. Will a specter from Picard's past diminish his ability to protect the future?

"Incidentally, captain, we are experiencing an optical effect right now."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 1: Skin of Evil

The Next Generation, Season 1
"Skin of Evil"
Airdate: April 25, 1988
21 of 176 produced
22 of 176 aired


The Enterprise is en route to pick up Counselor Troi's shuttle when it suffers an emergency and crash lands on the planet Vagra II. Troi and the shuttle's pilot are taken hostage by a mysterious and malevolent creature named Armus. Will the Enterprise be able to rescue them? What price will they have to pay to do so?
Every once in a while, you'll find a being of pure evil that looks like this in the toilet, too.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 1: Symbiosis

Airdate: April 18, 1988
22 of 176 produced
21of 176 aired


While investigating stellar flares in the Delos system, the Enterprise receives a distress call from a freighter traveling between two worlds in the system. On board, they discover representatives from the two worlds, and a large cargo of a drug called Felicium, destined for "plague relief" on the destination planet. But things are not as they seem, as Dr. Crusher witnesses the use of the drug and sees hat it is more a potent narcotic than an anti-viral drug. Will Picard and the Enterprise intervene in this apparent case of exploitation, or will they adhere to the Prime Directive?
I swear, if you make one more preachy speech, this person DIES!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 1: Arsenal of Freedom

The Next Generation, Season 1
"Arsenal of Freedom"
Airdate: April 11, 1988
20 of 176 produced
20 of 176 aired


The Enterprise is searching for the missing USS Drake. The ship went missing near the planet Minos. Minos was a world known for its weapons, and selling weapons to both sides of the wars they supplied. The planet has been desolated, and there is no sign of the Drake. What happened to the Drake, and what dangers await the Enterprise?

Headaches or not, I guess cystic acne still afflicts the 24th century...