Thursday, March 30, 2023

Enterprise, Season 4: Affliction

Enterprise, Season 4
Airdate: February 18, 2005
90 of 97 produced
90 of 97 aired


The Enterprise crew runs into some kidnaping trouble back home on Earth. Trip gets accustomed to his new ship and T'Pol feels his absence. Malcolm experiences a conflict of interest.

 "The first rule of forehead ridges is we do not talk about forehead ridges."


Monday, March 27, 2023

Picard, Season 3: The Bounty

Picard, Season 3
"The Bounty"
Aired: March 23, 2023
26 of 30 produced
26 of 30 released


At long last every major TNG cast member who is not dead or Traveling the limitless dimensions of the cosmos receives screen time in the same episode. And we are left to question: why did it take six episodes?

 Star Trek Picard: A floating museum of references to things you actually like.

Enterprise, Season 4: The Aenar

Enterprise, Season 4
"The Aenar"
Airdate: February 11, 2005
89 of 97 produced
89 of 97 aired


Archer and Shran discover that the operator of the marauding drone vessels is Andorian - but not a run of the mill Andorian. Rather, he is a member of an underground, pacifist sect of Andorians known as the Aenar.

 "I don't think Mark Zuckerberg is ever going to get this Oculus Rift crap to sell, Captain."



Friday, March 17, 2023

Picard, Season 3: Imposters

Picard, Season 3
Aired: March 16, 2023
25 of 30 produced
25 of 30 released


Starfleet sends an investigator to hash out who did what and who needs to be punished for the last four episodes. Meanwhile, Worf realizes that he murdered his only informant and needs to find another one, while Raffi does donuts in the parking lot with her aggressively spinning wheels.


They are really getting their money's worth out of this set.


Thursday, March 16, 2023

Enterprise, Season 4: United

Enterprise, Season 4
Airdate: February 4, 2005
88 of 97 produced
88 of 97 aired


Shran's lover Talas takes a turn for the worse, which threatens the fragile alliance Archer is forming to fight the unknown marauder.


I'm gonna slap chop your ass back to Andoria!


Friday, March 10, 2023

Picard, Season 3: No Win Scenario

Picard, Season 3
"No Win Scenario"
Aired: March 9, 2023
24 of 30 produced
24 of 30 released


After four hours of "s#$% or get off the pot" storytelling, Picard Season 3 decides in favor of the former and pinches off this loaf.

Pictured: the best lit scene in the season thus far.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Enterprise, Season 4: Babel One

Enterprise, Season 4
"Babel One"

Airdate: January 28, 2005
87 of 97 produced
87 of 97 aired


Enterprise is interrupted in its mission to mediate a dispute between Tellarites and Andorians by a mysterious attacking vessel. 


"Once we force the subject to watch an uninterrupted Discovery/Picard marathon,
their brain will be susceptible to any suggestion we make..."


Friday, March 3, 2023

Picard, Season 3: Seventeen Seconds

Picard, Season 3
"Seventeen Seconds"
Aired: March 2, 2023
22 of 30 produced
22 of 30 released


Still stuck in the same spot as last episode, Picard Season 3 decides that trashing its characters will pass the time instead of advancing the plot.

 Pictured: What Star Trek will look like after Stewart and Frakes sign away their likeness rights.

Enterprise, Season 4: Observer Effect

Enterprise, Season 4
"Observer Effect"
Airdate: January 21, 2005
86 of 97 produced
86 of 97 aired


Two strangers inhabit the bodies of the Enterprise crew during a crisis.

Hoshi Sato, looking the way I feel after an episode of "Picard"