Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Original Series, Season 2: Journey to Babel

The Original Series, Season 2
"Journey to Babel"
Airdate: November 17, 1967
45 of 80 produced
39 of 80 released
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The Enterprise is transporting a group of diplomats from across the Federation to a conference on the planet Babel where they will discuss the admission of a new world to the Federation. As if keeping so many diplomats happy at once were not a sufficiently onerous task, one of the diplomats is found murdered. The prime suspect is the ambassador from Vulcan...who also happens to be Spock's father.

So a Vulcan, an Andorian, and a Terellian walk into a bar...

Matthew, as well as Kevin, gave this one a four, for a total of eight. This is an above average episode. The lack of a stronger science fiction backbone keeps it from rating fives, but the character focus of this episode is well done, bumping it into above-average territory. So, live long and prosper, and enjoy the podcast.


  1. I got to see this one about 4 episodes into watching TOS, and I'm not embarrassed to admit the special effects BLEW MY MIND. I set the bar low to start, and relaxed over the course of a few episodes, and then watching the remastered episode I was just "DAMN! Look at that shuttle bay! OHMYGOD, people are coming out of the shuttle, it's not a model! Now Uhura ON A VIEW SCREEN?! There are view screens on the Enterprise?!" and so on. I even liked the pig-mask people, though I can see why TNG decided to start fresh with the Ferengi as their go-to evil/greedy/dumb race.

    I am slightly disappointed however that the podcast has no mention of DeForest Kelley making the creepiest face ("A teddybear?") I have ever seen.

  2. Even without the remaster (which showed the shuttle landing) I agree that the shuttle bay was rather impressive. They had to build a totally new set just to do that.