Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Original Series, Season 2: Patterns of Force

"Patterns of Force"
Airdate: February 16, 1968
53 of 80 produced
50 of 80 aired
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The Enterprise is looking for a famous historian, John Gill, who was apparently lost while observing a developing culture. To their shock and horror, they find that Gill has apparently not only broken the Prime Directive and directly influenced the planet he was observing, but he has taught them to emulate Nazi Germany. Can the Enterprise find John Gill and undo the damage he has caused?

This reminds me of the old Nazi song, "The Hirsute Vulcan and His Dog..."

Matthew and Kevin both gave this episode a 3, for a total of 6. A very science fiction and a very Star Trek concept recommend this episode, but its development isn't quite there. Acting and production values are also good, but not spectacular. It's a solid, entertaining episode, and for anyone into that kind of thing, we get Spock without a shirt. Enjoy the podcast.

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