Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kate Mulgrew!

Treknobabble would like to wish a very happy birthday to Kate Mulgrew, Voyager's Captain Janeway!

Spoiler alert: if I ever finish and post my favorite character essay, you'll be hearing more about her...
Happy 55th, Kate M. I'm going to assume that everyone talking about "Kate" today is talking about you!


  1. I just want to say that I think KM is one of the top 2 or 3 actors in the franchise. I think she is quite under-appreciated. I hope her birthday is a happy one!

  2. Come on Kelly, quit slacking. There's no valid excuse to have not finished your essay.

    ((please, to all - read that with a gentle teasing tone. I was being facetious. I happen to know that my sister-in-law has, in reality, been swamped as of late.))

  3. Well, to be fair, I have been working on the essay for a year, and I may have had some free time in there. :) Hey, where's your favorite character essay?

  4. Hey, I've written an essay already! I didn't realize I was also assigned a favorite character essay.

  5. Yes, and you're way behind. F minus.