Thursday, June 30, 2011

Treknobabble, meet iTunes

Kevin and Matthew have worked hard over the past year to produce insightful, witty commentaries on a number of Star Trek episodes from the Original Series and The Next Generation (my favorite). As of the time of this post, they've worked their way through Season 3 of TNG, including one of the best episodes of the series: Yesterday's Enterprise.

Given their admirable predilection for consistency, they've also reviewed all of the movies up to Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (because the next film, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, was only produced around TNG's fifth season). They'll get to the others as they move ahead. (I'm bracing for a particularly scathing review of Nemesis.)

Once they're finished with TNG, they'll move onto Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise--all 727 unique productions of Star Trek. They're saving their strength already for their review of the latest Star Trek film from 2009.

Now, I have to confess I haven't listened to many of the podcasts, but I've read a few of their commentaries and have laughed out loud a lot, particularly when reading Matthew's captions to the images. I also found myself often thinking, "I didn't know that," when they mention some obscure bit of trivia. Also, I'm not entirely sure why they choose to podcast some episodes and not others. I would actually like to hear their commentary for episodes such as Measure of a Man.

All of this to let you know the big news: Beginning today you and I can catch up on all of Treknobabble's podcasts and automatically download new ones.

Treknobabble is now listed in the iTunes Music Store!

Click on the links above to be directed to each podcast series' iTunes page and to have the option to subscribe. Then, share them with your friends, post them on your Facebook pages, and tweet the living daylights out of them. We'll post new iTunes links when the boys begin covering new series.

Here's looking forward to listening to the past and future podcasts (probably on my bike)!

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