Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There is nothing in this interview that doesn't make my giddy.

The Okudas are probably the two people in all of the franchise who I have never been mad at. Not even once. And that's saying something. I have been outraged at the choices of other techinical and creative and production staff at least on some occasion, but not Mike and Denise Okuda. Even if I didn't think a particular Okudagram was terribly awesome, it was usually because whatever it was depicting was probably kind of boring or ill-defined anyway. So seeing how involved they were makes me deeply happy and feel much better about the overall project.

Ok...ok...the mention of 13 seconds of Sins of the Father that had to be upscaled because the original negatives could not be found does not make me giddy. But I am not one of the fans who is going to torture himself over 13 seconds out of more than 2500. I'll live. I'll dig deep and find the courage to go on. I will.

Also, it's nice to see how seriously Paramount and later CBS treated the series by so scrupulously keeping the original negatives intact, and that everything was done on film in the first place. Matt and my concern about the project from the start was that the best original footage was going to be composited video, not film, and basically turn the project into an over-polished upscaling job.

This interview alone has managed almost entirely to sooth my rage at having to buy the whole series again. It's midnight here, and I need some sleep, so dream not of today, everyone. Dream not of today.


  1. The first commenter (who does not have posting privileges on this blog) to correctly cite the last line of my post gets my undying respect. :)

    1. It's a trick question. You're not Yash-El.

  2. Yeah, I'm definitely super-psyched to hear that both the live action and the effects shots both still exist in their original 35 mm film formats. That means we're likely going to see an equal or greater level of detail compared to the TOS remaster, which pretty much makes this an insta-buy for me.

    Here's hoping they also recapitulate all the DVD extras from both sets, and throw in a few new HD goodies, too.

    And indeed, I cannot think of one thing said or done by the Okudas that has elicited even a nano-particle of scorn on my part.

  3. I have posting privileges on this blog, and I still couldn't identify the reference. :) Well, I could after some googling....

    There is only one thing about this interview that doesn't make me giddy, and that's knowing that we'll be buying yet more blu rays. I won't argue that they're not worth it or anything; it's just that we have too much stuff in our house already! I look forward to the day when everything is just stored in the computers in our brains and doesn't take up space. :)