Monday, November 19, 2012

Oh my....

So in case you haven't heard, there's a kickstarter campaign to fund reconstructing the bridge set of the Enterprise-D. And to be clear, this is not some mere recreation of the set, but the actual set pieces which were on the verge of being scrapped for parts by CBS. The set pieces are now in private hands and being lovingly restored to their former glory, with the addition of actual working touchscreen videos and panels, to serve forever as a shrine and pilgrimage site for Trekkies everywhere.

I'll be honest. I would seriously consider getting married there. I'd marry a woman if I had to, to make that happen.

At the suggestion of a friend, I looked at the various packages for what you get based on your donation, the Trek equivalent of the PBS tote bag, if you will. At the $3,000 level, you get, in part, the following:
You and a guest will be given a private evening for 2 on the bridge. This includes a 3 course dinner, with your choice of food, drink, flowers and movies of choice. 
Now that sounds lovely, doesn't it? I would almost prefer to eat in the ready room where it would feel a little more intimate, and have an actual table, but that's nitpicking. What concerns me is the next sentence in the description:
Complete privacy until the next morning.
This concerns me. A lot. I'm not a prude by any stretch, but even I, with my hedonistic Risian values, am concerned about the consequences of someone being given carte blanche to have sex in the Captain's chair or over the tactical console. Thoughts? Comments?


  1. I would watch The Phantom Menace. Proper Sci-Fi!

  2. I prefer to think that total privacy is so that no one can see you and your +1 playing pretend on the bridge until 4 in the morning.

  3. Tactical? No way. The helm.Those chairs are perfect!

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