Saturday, July 13, 2013

No changelings were harmed in the recording of this podcast

The podcast for The Adversary is now online. Enjoy.


  1. First of all great podcast as usual.
    1) I too love the defiant coffee mug, but I always wondered why there has been no serious advances in coffee delivery systems...
    2) I too really like the 1964 World Series line. I also think its really cool that Sisko picked this particularly series. A) you have the great bob Gibson but you also have the first world series where the Cardinals who had seriously integrated defeated my beloved Yankees who had not serious integrated. many historians view this series has a bellweather because teams could no longer ignore the pool of talent of black and latino players. I always have wondered if this is why Sisko likes this series.

  2. See, that observation makes me very, very happy, because I bet even if Sisko internally didn't pick it for that reason, I bet the writers certainly did.