Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Original Series, Season 1: Arena

The Original Series, Season One
Airdate: January 19, 1967
20 of 80 produced
18 of 80 aired
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The Enterprise arrives at Cestus III to find the Federation colony there destroyed.  The attackers soon reveal themselves, a new and powerful potential enemy, the reptile-like Gorn.  The Enterprise pursues the fleeing attackers, knowing if they escape, the attack on Cestus will be only the beginning.  However, other, even more powerful forces are at work, and they have their own plans for the crew of the Enterpise.  Kirk eventually finds himself alone and unarmed on a planet, facing off against the captain of the Gorn ship in a fight to the death, with the fate of both their crews in the balance.  Will Kirk and the Enterprise survive this latest danger?

"Graahr! Hissss....."

Matt and I both gave this a 3 for a total of 6.  There are good elements and ideas here, but in the end, everything came out as the good side of average.  It was a good hour of television.  There were explosions, and who doesn't love that?  This is a popular fan episode, and it certainly has enough to justify that position, but while it may be better than average television, it is average Trek.  Enjoy the podcast, everyone.


  1. Just as a note, the podcast is missing. It comes up with an error 404 when I go to listen to it.

  2. We are in the process of changing the links to where the podcasts are now housed, as our old server was getting overloaded. It's a slow and tedious process, but good to know people are still trying to download them. :)

    Here's the link for Arena.

  3. Thanks!

    Yes, I've been making my way through from the beginning.

    (The "rank hath its privileges" line appeared, to me, to refer to having one's own personal chef with them.)