Friday, January 31, 2014

Voyager, Season 2: The 37's
Voyager, Season 2
"The 37's"
Airdate: August 28, 1995
16 of 168 aired
19 of 168 produced


Voyager comes across a strange artifact floating in space - a pickup truck from the 1930s. When they use its radio to trace an SOS signal back to its source, they find something (and someone) they would never have expected.
The manure still smells, too? Come on.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Star Trek: First Contact
Star Trek: First Contact
Released November 22, 1996


The Borg have launched a new assault on Earth, this time traveling to the past in the hopes of derailing Earth's first contact with the Vulcans, and thus all of Federation history. Picard must face not just a mortal enemy but his own personal scars the Borg left in their last encounter. The Enterprise crew must now stop the Borg again while finding a way not to interfere in the unfolding of a pivotal moment in human history.

 Can you guess which one is the red shirt?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

DS9 Season 4 Recap


One more season of DS9 comes to a close, and by all metrics, this is the best season of DS9 so far. Even when not dealing with the Dominion and Klingon arcs, this season seemed to have real momentum. More than anything, the show really seems to have found its own voice in its stories, rather than falling back on trying to tell a story using TNG's episode model as a guide.

Jake-O... time to visit Garak's shop for some new duds.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Deep Space Nine, Season 4: Broken Link
Deep Space Nine, Season 4
"Broken Link"
Airdate: June 17, 1996
96 of 173 produced
96 of 173 aired


Odo is stricken by a mysterious illness that threatens his life. With no other recourse, the crew takes him to the Gamma Quadrant in the hope that the Founders can cure him.

You can't do that on television!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Deep Space Nine, Season 4: Body Parts
Deep Space Nine, Season 4
"Body Parts"
Airdate: June 10, 1996
95 of 173 produced
95 of 173 aired


Keiko O'Brien suffers an injury that necessitates the transplant of her fetus to Major Kira. Meanwhile, Quark suffers with the knowledge of his impending death, and must decide how to wind up his affairs.
 Quark tries out a new asphyxiation program in the holosuite.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Deep Space Nine, Season 4: The Quickening
Deep Space Nine, Season 4
"The Quickening"
Airdate: May 20, 1996
93 of 173 produced
94 of 173 aired


Doctor Bashir finds a planet in the Delta Quadrant infected by an engineered Dominion plague. It dooms the people to a slow, agonizing death, but not until well into adulthood, so the suffering population can serve a warning to those who would disobey the Dominion. Can he find a cure? Will the defeated, skeptical people accept it if he does?

Reminds me of Detroit.