Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 4: Reunion

The Next Generation, Season 4
Airdate: November 5, 1990
80 of 176 produced
80 of 176 aired


The Enterprise is investigating strange energy signals when a Klingon ship uncloaks in front of her. On board is K'Ehleyr, now Federation Ambassador to the Empire, and Chancellor K'mpec himself. K'mpec is dying and has chosen Picard to mediate the succession of power. Complicating matters for both Worf and the Federation, one of the main contenders in Duras. Knowing what he is capable of, can Picard walk the tightrope between his duty as a Federation captain and Arbiter of Succession? And what will the Enterprise's latest foray into Klingon politics cost Worf?

Honey, I swear it wasn't me. Go talk to those numskulls Berman and Braga.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A whole new way to show your love...

If you look at the bottom of the post, you'll see a whole new array of pretty little buttons. You can now like or share or +1 individual posts. +1'ing a post will help it show up in search results, and let us know we're doing a good job. Our dream is to one day become so popular that CBS gives us creative control over Star Trek, and each +1 on Google+ will bring an incremental step closer to that goal. We appreciate your help and will not forget you when we rule Trekdom with a firm, but benevolent hand. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 4: Legacy

The Next Generation, Season 4
Airdate: October 29, 1990
79 of 176 produced
79 of 176 aired


The Enterprise responds to a distress call from a Federation freighter. It is in trouble, breaking up over the Turkana IV colony - a chaotic war-zone that seceded from the Federation decades ago. Upon crash-landing, the freighter crew survivors are taken hostage by one of the warring factions. Things are complicated further by the revelation that the late Tasha Yar's sister still lives on the colony, and apparently wants to help the Enterprise rescue the hostages. Can they trust her?

Pictured: Ishara Yar's cameltoe sets off a proximity detector.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This will spell the end of my Starfleet career.

Netflix just added my smartphone, along with about 16 others, to the list of mobile devices that will work with the Netflix Instant Play app. I can now pretty much watch Star Trek anytime, anywhere I want and the picture quality is surprisingly good. I will now never do productive work of any kind again.

You can see if your Android mobile device is on the list here, and of course, there's the iPhone/Pad app for that. Download it today. Resistance, as always, is futile.

The Next Generation, Season 4: Remember Me

The Next Generation, Season 4
"Remember Me"
Airdate: October 22, 1990
78 of 176 produced
78 of 176 aired


Doctor Crusher is expecting an old friend and colleague on board the Enterprise, however, when she goes to meet him, his guest quarters are empty. Even more strange, the Enterprise has no record of him coming aboard, and stranger still, Starfleet has no record he even exists. Slowly, more and more people begin to disappear aboard the Enterprise, but only Doctor Crusher seems to remember they ever existed. Is there a sinister force at work or is Doctor Crusher simply losing her mind?

Crap... how do you drive this thing again?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last chance to see Nimoy at a convention :(

According to an email I got from Creation Entertainment, Leonard Nimoy is only doing two more cons before retiring from conventions--the big Vegas one in August and Chicago in October.


Sadly, I can't commit to a convention the weekend after my due date, even if it is a mere 25 miles from my house. Too bad the convention's not a month or two late because how cute would it be to get a picture of Nimoy with the kid wearing this?


But anyone who can do so should definitely go see Nimoy in Vegas or Chicago!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Most Toys Pt. 2

If anyone is looking to get a jump on my birthday present, have I got the website for you!

It's three feet long and a foot high, it costs $5,000, those close ups are interior details on the lounge and shuttle bay, and they are only making 250. Get cracking, internet. It will sit in my house next to my original Van Gogh and Mickey Mantle rookie card. The only thing that could make me more nerd happy is if they were to do a Enterprise-D model with the same scale and quality. ***sigh***

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And the newest Trekkie will be...

We had our baby shower with my family in Ohio this past weekend, and my mom managed a very geeky (and yummy!) reveal of the baby's sex. 

We're still struggling with names, so give us your best Trekkie name suggestions!

The Next Generation, Season 4: Suddenly Human

The Next Generation, Season 4
Airdate: October 8, 1990
75 of 176 produced
77 of 176 aired


The Enterprise comes across the damaged craft of a former enemy, the Talarians. When they rescue the crew, they find a group of juveniles, including a human boy, Jono. When they investigate further, it turns out that he is the grandson of a powerful Starfleet admiral. Their plans to repatriate him hit a snag, though, when he demands to be returned to his adopted Talarian father, Endar. Whose wishes will be respected, and is Jono old enough to decide for himself?

Wesley receives a facial from Jono.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 4: Brothers

The Next Generation, Season 4
Airdate: October 8, 1990
76 of 176 produced
76 of 176 aired


The Enterprise is racing to Starbase 416 to seek emergency medical treatment for a young boy on board. Dr. Crusher is optimistic that the boy will recover with treatment, but time is of the essence. Complicating matters, Data mysteriously commandeers the Enterprise and redirects it to a planet far off course from the Starbase. Once there, he beams down to an isolated outpost in a dense jungle. Why has Data done this? Will the crew of the Enterprise be able to regain control of the ship and save their young patient?

In his final malicious act of sabotage, Data changes Captain Picard's email password.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Next Generation, Season 4: Family

The Next Generation, Season 4
Airdate: September 24, 1990
77 of 176 produced
75 of 176 aired


Still licking their wounds from the Borg attack, the crew of the Enterprise has time to wind down and catch up with family and friends on Earth. Captain Picard visits his home village in France, and his estranged brother. Worf receives his adoptive parents on board, but chafes at their embarrassing demeanor. Doctor Crusher worries that a long-lost recorded message from her deceased husband Jack Crusher to their son Wesley might do him more harm than good.

Here's mud in 'yer eye.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why I Love Star Trek, Essay #8: Hannah Vestal

Why I Love Star Trek
by Hannah Vestal

I was destined to be a Trekkie from an early age. You see, my grandfather, whom I never met because he died before I was born, was a first-generation Trekkie. My mom remembered him planting himself in front of the television set each night Star Trek came on, and he refused to get up until the episode was finished. She also remembers him dragging her and her mom to the movie theater when Star Trek: The Motion Picture was released.

My mother has never been a science fiction fan, despite growing up in a house of Star Trek. I suppose the Trekkie gene skipped over her and went straight to me, where it lay dormant until seven months ago.

It all began with my professor in my Technology and Society class in college. He was a big sci-fi fan, and a bit of a Trekkie. As the classes “last hurrah” before being released for the semester (and therefore with the class), the professor brought in what was then the newly released on DVD STXI.

I confess, I wasn’t bitten by the Star Trek bug at that moment. But it certainly got the ball rolling. It wasn’t until several months later that I decided I would sit down and see what this obsession with Star Trek was about. I decided to watch The Original Series first, since I knew I’d be slightly familiar with the characters, and from the name of the show, it was obviously the beginning. That was when it happened. I got sucked in. I’m not even sure when it happened exactly. But somewhere in between watching the episodes “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “The Enemy Within”, I fell in love with Star Trek.

It has taken me a while to know what specifically I love most about Star Trek. As I’ve grown as a Trekkie, I have slowly been able to define my love for Trek.

I have been a big believer in imagination ever since a kid, scribbling down little stories of my own when I ran out of books to read. To find the Star Trek universe, in all its imaginative glory, was like a dream come true. Not just the imagination on the part of all the wonderful writers within the Star Trek franchise, but also the imagination that was sparked within the fans, and me. With Star Trek also comes fan fiction, of which I write some myself.

With that imagination comes a hope for a brighter tomorrow. In a world that seems like it is crumbling apart, socially, economically, and physically, Star Trek offers hope that the human race will survive these turbulent times.

Finally, I fell in love with the Trekkie people. All my life I've just wanted to "fit in" and be "normal". It wasn't until seven months ago when I became a Trekkie that I found a place to fit in within my own realm of normal. The Trekkies I’ve met are all such amazing and good people. They are open-minded and loving, embracing Star Trek ideals, such as IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations). No matter what race, religion, or political views you may have that differ, two or more Trekkies can always find something to talk about.

Being a Trekkie feels natural to me, like breathing. I belong here. This is my destiny. I’ve come home.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Podcast Update

The podcast for Best of Both Worlds, Part II is now up and running. I've updated the post to have the link, but wanted to make sure none of you missed it if you follow the blog by RSS or twitter feed. Enjoy.

The Next Generation, Season 4: Best of Both Worlds, Part 2

The Next Generation, Season 4
"Best of Both Worlds, Part 2"
Airdate: September 24, 1990
74 of 176 produced
74 of 176 aired


Did you all have a good summer? Was it relaxing? I hope so, because the tension levels are still through the roof here on the Enterprise. Last we saw our crew, Riker reluctantly, but firmly gave the order to fire on the Borg cube, hoping to destroy them but sacrificing Captain Picard in the process. Since the episode is more than 3 minutes long, I think it's not a spoiler to say, it doesn't go as planned, and the Borg continue their march toward Sector 001. Will the armada Starfleet is amassing be able to stop them? Will the crew rescue Picard? Will Batman and Robin escap--- sorry, sorry. Wrong serial. Anyway, on with the review...

Pants are irrelevant. You will service... us.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A little humor to go with your coffee and croissant...

I probably should have dug this up when we posted Outrageous Okona, since it would have been a little more appropriate, but better late than never. This is a video the TNG cast did for Comic Relief back in the 90s. Enjoy.

I swear, I'm this close to getting a recording of Worf saying "hoo-PIE" as my ringtone. Happy Saturday, everyone.