Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome... Write Something For Us!

Our recent interview with Andre Bormanis has brought a lot of eyeballs onto our blog. Welcome!

You should check out a few things while you're here. Of course, we have our regularly appearing episode reviews, in which we dissect Star Trek in order, from The Original Series to our current position at the end of TNG Season Three. Stay tuned for our review/podcast of The Best of Both Worlds!

You should also take a look at our Round Table Discussions - where we have a group jam on topics such as the politics of Star Trek, converting friends, and we are putting finishing touches on a conversation regarding the Prime Directive in real life.

We also have a series of essays by our contributors and guests writers called "Why I love Star Trek." It's a place to wax poetic about why the franchise is so meaningful and entertaining to us. And guess what - we invite all of you to write your own essays regarding why you love Star Trek! If you cook up something between 500 and 1000 words, and email it with your name to, we'll put it on on the blog! WE love hearing everyone's story and how they came to the franchise.

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