Friday, January 29, 2010

Has Star Trek's "Padd" finally arrived?

This post on gaming site Kotaku is a fun look at "six padds" the author would actually buy, as opposed to Apple's iPad. Hint: all six are from Star Trek.

In answer to the above post, no, the Padd has not arrived just yet.

For one thing, the main function we see for the PADD of the 24th century is voice recognition with fuzzy logic, as well as predictive text interface buttons similar to court reporting tools (no more crappy touchscreen keyboard!) They seem to have universal compatibility interfaces without physical contact (which would totally make up for the iPad's lack of USB support). They also have a display that seems much closer to the e-ink of current readers, except in color - so they wouldn't be hard on the eyes after long periods of reading.

But mainly, they don't have the stupid "i" prefix appended to them. Ugh, I'm sick of that. So yet again, Star Trek has created a vision of the future which is much better than the present...


  1. I'm not sure why Apple didn't include voice command. They already have the technology on the iPhone 3GS, and since the OS isn't much more advanced than the iPhone, it seems like they could have easily programmed the iPad to respond to at least simple voice commands. Like "open web browser". Or "become a real computer."

  2. You know...I don't know why they haven't licensed an e-reader to look like a Federation PADD yet. They are as slender as PADDS at this point. Are we just waiting for e-ink in color?

  3. Also, the PADD I wanted was the little red one LaForge had. I thought it was cool how he customized it.

  4. It's true, we really need the ability to say, like Scotty, "Hello Computer..."