Friday, January 8, 2010

This is not a paid advertisement for CBS, I swear.

In case some of our readers haven't actually seen The Original Series in a while, I want to give you all a link that will help. has every episode of TOS online for free, except, sadly "The Cage." There's little hulu-style commercials in them, so if you want to use them to listen to a podcast, you'll have to be on the ball and pause the podcast during the breaks. Otherwise, if you are just looking to refamiliarize yourself with the series and have some of our comments make more sense, they are a great resource, and really one of the most Platonic forms of the Internet. Enjoy.


  1. Those of you with Netflix will also find TOS Season 1 online for streaming, in 720p with the remastered effects. Unfortunately they do not have Seasons 2 and 3 available to stream. But it's worth checking out Season 1 - the quality isn't quite as good as Blu-Ray, but it's better than most broadcast/cable TV.

  2. I believe Kevin is saying that the ideal Form of Internet is "Star Trek Delivery System."