Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

Last Friday, I was grabbing dinner after work. I was at restaurant in the Loop, and as I often do when dining alone, I was reading a book. A Star Trek book. Specifically, I was reading "The Never Ending Sacrifice," one of the latest books in the DS9 relaunch. I highly recommend it, and you don't really have to be familiar with any of the other relaunch books to get into it.

Anyway, a lady at the next table, looked over and asked what I was reading. I showed her it was a Star Trek book, and she lit up. She told me that all three of her now grown sons liked Star Trek growing up. I replied that that was evidence she did a good job. She told me how each year for Hanukkah, the present for the eighth night was one of the Hallmark Star Trek ornaments which they would put on their Christmas tree. Having several TOS shuttles and the Captain Janeway ornament, I was delighted at this idea. We chatted for a little while longer while our bills arrived, and I wrote the address for this blog on a napkin for her after explaining what we we're doing here. I sincerely hope she reads this blog and this post. I had a really long day at work and bonding with a total stranger over Star Trek was a wonderful surprise.


  1. You're no longer stealing Star Trek books from me, eh? Although I do have this book. Packed in a box somewhere.

  2. Oh wait, that was Kevin. Not Matthew... OK. Scratch that comment and reapply it towards Matthew, please! :)