Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So it's not just me...


  1. YouTube thread! And I don't know how to embed videos in the comments!! D: Tragedy strikes.

    Parody on StarTrek TOS from The Carol Burnett show

  2. Yeah, it appears that html objects can't be dropped into comments.

    They spent a lot of money on their bridge set! That video should also be resurrected whenever Kelly gets around to doing her gender and Star Trek article. Maybe it can be a round table, and you can contribute, too? As a woman, your opinions can be taken to represent all women, right?

    This was linked from yours. Star Trek set to Monty Python music.


  3. SWEET! I would love to throw something in! Abusing my womens' college cred is one of my most treasured hobbies. I will celebrate with other clip, because I'm starting to realize I've built up an impressive stash of Star Trek parody clips.

    "see, old star trek really isn't all that different from new star trek!"

    I love me some good lens flair. @__@

  4. The Carol Burnett clip was genius. I love that actress playing Spock is Andrea Martin, the actress who created the role of Ishka on DS9.

    And I never realized how much poncy dancing there was in TOS til I watched the Monty Python video.