Friday, December 2, 2011

Red Alert! Certain TOS podcasts are being taken down temporarily...

Hi everyone,

The server we have been using to host our podcasts has been getting hit very hard lately, to the tune of hundreds of gigabytes of traffic per month. We can't afford to keep this sort of thing up. So we are going to take down and relocate some of the most downloaded podcasts. So you may see some broken links for a few days while we shuffle things around.

The traffic, frankly, is not believable. Are 500 people really downloading "Amok Time" in the space of 2 days? We don't see that sort of traffic on the site, and it's difficult to believe that that many people are finding us on iTunes The thinking here is that there is maybe some sort of spamming behavior occurring.

So, if any of you 500 downloaders are out there, what's up? Who are you? Are you real people, or Russian spam-bots? Do you care where the podcasts are hosted? Why in the name of the Great Bird of the Galaxy don't you comment on the blog?

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