Friday, January 27, 2012

More Okuda-related awesomeness has the second part of the interview with the Okudas about their work on the TNG Blurays.

Here's some quotes to love:

TrekMovie: Another thing you did last time was to replace over-used repeated establishing shots with something new, like a new angle. Is that something you will be doing or less of an issue with TNG?
Mike Okuda: If that happens, it will be on a much smaller scale. One thing we are trying to be cognizant of is that people who buy the show, know the show really well. We want them to get the show that they fell in love with and not say "wow, these guys were really clever." We want them to say "the original designers were clever." We want to highlight their work.

He says something similar when asked about making it widescreen, since for a lot of the film, there is stuff not in the cropped final version that could be upgraded and shown, and he gives a perfect response about honoring the work and choices of the original creators. It's soooooo nice to see someone who treats the original creative work as having intrinsic value and not merely a copyright license to exploit.

I'm also more excited about the sampler platter now, as apparently they correct the error in the premiere where the phasers shoot from the Captain's Yacht. According to Okuda, Andy Probert, the designer of the D wasn't happy because it was an obvious error, so the Okudas wanted to "make Andy happy." And us as well, it appears.

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