Sunday, July 22, 2012

Poll: Best TNG Episode

What is the best TNG episode?


  1. I have not voted yet. But this is so hard. Do you go by favorite episode like Deja Q(I am fairly sure it is not the best!) or do you go all snubby and pick one of the critic's critically acclaimed ones.

  2. Andrew,

    I'll tell you what I told the "official" raters - go by whatever you think the definition of "best" is. Kelly, for instance, thinks best denotes replay value. I think it is more multifaceted (depth, originality, replay value, acting/writing/production), but don't really include public acclaim as a criterion.

  3. By the way when I say critics I was referring to the reviewers/critics here at treknobbable

  4. The poll has been closed for years but I would've voted Lower Decks. After that all the Q episodes haha (except the Robin Hood one)

    1. Maybe we should revisit this poll, and reopen it. ;)