Thursday, December 6, 2012

Star Trek Into Dumbness...


Since when was Star Trek set on Earth?

WTF is with all the gray jammies people wear?

So the blond is either Carol Marcus or Dr. Dehner from "Where No Man Has Gone Before"?

Oh boy, it's Star Trek: 9/11!

The black jersey on Cumberbatch strengthens the theory that he's either Gary Mitchell or Garth of Izar. His dialogue indicates that he has "returned" for his "vengeance." This could also indicate Khan or perhaps Anton Karidian. Khan would certainly fit the established Abrams/Orci/Kurtzman/Lindelof modus operandi. However, the synopsis indicates a personal grudge between Kirk and the villain. Setting aside the question of how this could possibly be, since NuKirk has had no career or experiences, perhaps the vengeance involved has some sort of tie to the previous film, or perhaps the synopsis is misleading.

Explodey! Horror movie screams! Enterprise crash lands! Will the Transformers be helping out at any point?

The Dumbening Continues...


  1. The whole thing is in teal and orange?

  2. The cityscapes really bothered me. It was the height of "sterile future-y" architecture like Minority Report, etc. Even if the planets looked kind of wonky given the technology, the matte paintings on all the series really managed to portray active, vital cities as opposed to mono-chrome sterility.