Thursday, May 2, 2013

The most delightful thing you'll see, possibly ever.

Gates McFadden is the Artistic Director of Ensemble Studio Theatre of Los Angeles and she maintains a tumblr blog consisting of photos of her action figure in various poses and situations, and it is the most interesting and hilarious thing I have ever seen in my life. Given that several of the shots are at conventions, at a convention table, and one with Brent Spiner, I am reasonably certain she is actually doing this herself.

Part of my joy in this is the whimsy, obviously, though I really love that the photos have real narrative in them.  These are thoughtful and laid out and as a result, oddly compelling. I also think it shows a healthy relationship with the role the show has played in her life, neither running from it nor taking it too seriously. Here's a few of my favorites, but you should really go check out the whole thing.

Seriously, between this and, I am getting no work done today.

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