Tuesday, September 21, 2021

A Note To Our Reader/s

Hello everyone,

There's been a bit of hiatus here at Treknobabble. It's not really caused by anything in particular - Summer got us busy, we were done with Voyager, we haven't started Enterprise.... and then there's this thing called "Star Trek" on Paramount's streaming service.

Kevin and I are both deeply ambivalent about continuing reviews of Alex Kurtzman's "Star Trek." It might make me (Matthew) more outright upset than Kevin, but I don't think Kevin enjoys it or my bellyaching either.

So we will be getting to Enterprise soon. We will also likely review the latest season of Lower Decks. But Picard Season2, Discovery Season 4, and Strange New Worlds Season 1? The jury is out.It's hard to hate something you used to love, and to keep hating it for the same reasons month in and month out.


  1. I must admit I stopped watching Discovery half way through season 2. And I only made it half way through Picard. I started feeling much better about myself after walking away.

    Looking forward to your take on Enterprise. Been really enjoying re-watching that at times flawed, but sufficiently decent version of Star Trek.

    I'm still an optimist, maybe Strange New Worlds will be decent?