Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rikers In Space


  1. This makes me smile and reminds me of the terrific panel they did at the Chicago convention a few years ago.

    Also, the actors want to do the show; the fans want it; there are plenty of ST alum working as directors who would probably jump on this. Why don't we have this show?

  2. They should do it as a web series. First, I'm not sure if there's enough there for 26 half hour episodes. Second, I don't want a team of Hollywood writers getting their hands on it and ending up with episode after episode of the Rikers trying to hide their cat from Mr. Furley.

  3. "My Imzadi..."
    "My Zimbabwe."

    That made me laugh the hardest. I would love to see those two do another panel together.

  4. Rewatching TNG has taught me that I actually can't stand either Troy or Riker, so I'm going to have to pipe up as the lone voice of dissent.