Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Big Trek Birthday Day

Happy birthday to Jonathan Frakes, Diana Mulduar, and the Great Bird himself, Gene Roddenberry.

I have been listening to some commentaries on my TNG movie Blu-Ray set. Frakes is not only a good director but he is fun to listen to, as well. He knows his Trek, too!

As far as Diana Mulduar goes, I always thought she got a bum rap. It was hard to step into the shoes of a (utterly inexplicably) dismissed fan favorite. And while I was happy to get Crusher back, I really liked Diana Mulduar's performance. She's an actress of the finest quality.

As far as Roddenberry goes, I am reading "The Making of Star Trek" right now, and a thing that is often overlooked is how talented a writer he was. I just finished reading his original proposal story for "The Cage," and it is fun to see the differences. Either way, it's a solid sci-fi tale which is perfectly set up for a continuing television drama.

Happy Birthday to all!

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